I always felt simultaneously awestruck and awkward in record stores. They were the first retail space where I'd actually take time, slowly thumb thru the stacks, up one narrow aisle and down the next; wishing I worked there. Aspiring to be a blonde Annie Potts type character in Pretty in Pink. Alas, I was destined for the pizza line (<--not nearly as cool).

SIDE NOTE: Connie was waaay cooler than I and actually managed Rose Records here in Madison in the 90s. ShitGoddamn! my bandmate is hella cool (my lack o coolness again demonstrated by my use of "hella").

 Someday I will be this cool. SOMEDAY.&nbsp;

Someday I will be this cool. SOMEDAY. 

As a collective, I think I can safely speak for the entire band when I say record stores are where we've found some of our most prized possessions. Its where it all really began. Each of us as awkward teenagers, in our respective hometown record stores, thumbing thru the stacks. Spending the dough we earned slingin' pizzas on that album we lusted after. That album our friend recommended. That album that was playing in the store when we walked in. That album of a group we never heard of but had a really kick ass cover design (<-- guilty). Music that became so well worn they became the soundtrack to our imagined John Hughes movie life.  

Where our soundtracks overlap is what brings us together. A common reference point to lay down a collective musical foundation. Where those soundtracks differentiate is where it gets interesting. Its what we get to share with each other. Its that collective commonality/clashing that makes every band's music somewhat unique (well, at least I'd like to think so...maybe its more like 80% of the time). 

Ok. Its really late, I'm tired and getting all sorts of out-of-hand wax poetic on the subject.


THIS SATURDAY IS RECORD STORE DAY. We're thrilled to be part of it and honored Mad City Music Exchange/Arts Extract asked us. So please come out, SUPPORT LOCAL RECORD STORES and enjoy some live, local music while you're at it. We're playing next door to MCME at Nutty Bar (Bandung Indonesian Restaurant) at 2pm to be followed up by Dharma Dogs! woo! 

More on the all day MCME event here. 

xoxo, ef