With a lil help from Radish & Clover Press (aka Adria Kaufman & Christo Ruppenthal), Connie and I were able to screen print our next batch of BonB T-shirts "in-house" (which, for this designerd equals completely effin awesome funtimes). Twas a fun and productive evening made even better with homemade french bread and pizza and brie and lots of live gypsy jazz guitar playing in the background and and and. Yup. Hospitable folk over there.

But - A NEW BATCH OF really awesome soft SHIRTS!!! New colors! Mens tri-blend grey and kelly green. Women's tri-blend red and kelly green V necks!! GOLD (shiny!) ink!!! (and the mens brand of Tees aren't as clingy this time around...more true to size!). Best part? FROM DESIGN TO PRINT WE MADE THEM OURSELVES! They'll be for sale on Sunday at our show and RIGHT HERE on our website in short order.  

Finally, if you send us a pic of you wearing one of our Tees out in the wilderness, we'll post it HERE on our website. yup. Fun times all round. 

Photos taken by Connie Ward & Adria Kaufman.